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Francois Sagat’s Incubus: Pre-production documentary from Titan Men on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat just posted this extremely enjoyable documentary about the preproduction of his movie “Incubus” which is due out next month on Titanmen.

Gilles Bindi’s revealing look at François Sagat as he prepares to enter a new stage in his life, moving from performer to director, writer and producer. Shot primarily in Paris as he contemplates his place in the adult industry, his own sexual personal development and what’s motivated him to make changes in his life, François allows a rare peek into the enigmatic artist’s world. Featuring his co-director and mentor Brian Mills, Francois is preparing for the production of the first feature he’ll helm, “Incubus.” We get to see the inter-continental pre-production meetings as well as get a glimpse of the costumes from designers like Slick It Up, Charlie Le Mindu (most recently known for his designs for Lady Gaga) and Sagat himself. A fascinating look at a fascinating figure, one we rarely get to see in such casual and un-scripted settings.

Last modified: Nov 11, 2011

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