Hunter Marx reveals that he’s a Mud Man


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Yesterday I posted a video clip with Paul Wilde talking about the mud wrestling scene we were about to shoot featuring the two muscular studs Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels.  Shay seemed a bit nervous and was giggling a bit about what he was about to do but Hunter not only stripped down to his jock strap and jumped into the ring we’d constructed, he started to give directions on the best way to mix mud and the best ways to play in it.

He told us that when he was in college, he used to have his buddies over for mud wrestling parties in his own makeshift mud wrestling pit that he installed in his back yard. Unbeknownst to Paul Wilde who cast him in the scene, Hunter Marx just happens to be a guy who loves to play and roll around with other guys in the mud. Which meant that while he was helping us mix the mud and get ready, his cock was rock hard and he was ready for action almost right away.

Shay got into it once we got going. Look for their scene to come out early next year on Titanmen’s site as part of the Titanmen Rough series. But if you want to see Hunter and Shay in action together now, their best scene together is the hardcore 3-way with Dirk Caber in Sting. And if you join Titanmen, you get the piss scene they did only for the Titanmen Web Release version.

Check out all the pics after the jump…

Click Here to see Hunter and Shay in action at Titanmen…

Click Here to see Hunter and Shay in action at Titanmen…

Last modified: Nov 4, 2011

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