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Porn Daddy Allen Silver


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One of the most handsome “daddies” of gay porn. Allen Silver has done some of his best work right here at Titanmen. His three movies BarnStorm, Chainsaw and the new Inmates are all huge hits and his gentle but firm, sexually aggressive and powerful presence on screen grabs everyone.

His role in Inmates has him playing the hardass prison warden who takes his liberties with the young inmates at the detention facility. With looks like that, we’d be amazed if more men weren’t intentionally getting into trouble in the hopes of some punishment coming from the man himself.

Click Here to see Allen’s movies.

A nice big gallery of pictures after the jump.

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Oops… you dropped the soap.


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The newest scene from Joe Gage’s excellent new movie “Inmates.”

Now playing at Titanmen VOD.

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Titanmen Office Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular list of the inter-office emails that fill up our in-boxes here at the Titan office.

Stocking in the new Planking. You know all those absurd stock photos you see being used in bad websites, catalogues and informational fliers you get handed at the Home Show?
Turn any surface into a touch screen. Imagine turning parts of your body into one. And imagine the fetish porn Paul Wilde would make with one of THOSE.
Occupy Wallstreet Humor.
12 things EVERY homosexual wants for Christmas.
• Why can’t American gay marriage ads in America be even half this good?
• A rather beautiful video about what your gadgets do when you’re not at home.
• Who is Jon Galt? Don’t be silly, it’s this guy.

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And the newest Titanmen blog belongs to…


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Here at Titanmen we’re going to be bringing you a lot of Behind-The-Scenes content, plenty of fun exclusive looks at production and giving some of our Titanmen their own place to tell you about their favorite movies, tell you what they’re up to and where they’ve been. Maybe some vacation pictures and a few clips of their cats.

First up was none other than François Sagat who has been blogging up a storm recently and keeping us all entertained.

But the next addition to what we hope will become a large network of time-wasting fun is Dario Beck who has just started to blog for us. First up are couple of videos showing this disarmingly handsome Italian/German hunk from Bareclona having some fun while in San Francisco plus a bit of a story about his first-ever scene for Titan with Dean Flynn and Marco Blaze.

Go read Dario’s blog now…

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Titanmen Older/Younger Scenes


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With the success of the new Titanmen film “Inmates,” Joe Gage has again shown that seeing hot older men in action with younger men is still a huge fascination to gay porn fans. It’s been a recurring theme in many Titan movies… here are our favorite older/younger man scenes from the Titan catalogue.

Oh… and Join Titanmen for 50% OFF today. You can’t beat that price but you CAN beat yourself off…

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Two Days Only… 50% OFF Titanmen Membership!


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Just today and tomorrow… join Titanmen and get access to their HUGE catalogue online… every scene and movie plus all the behind-the-scenes fun, our takes, interviews plus Cumshot and Watersports compilations. LOTS of content you don’t get on DVD..

There are TWO new scenes this week, the final scene from Blind Spot with Marco Wison and Jessie Colter is a mega-hot sex scene shot in the blazing sun and open space in the Southern California Dessert.

You can also check out Allen Silver as the VERY bad Warden in Inmates, Joe Gage’s already-famous movie about young men in jail and all the trouble they get up to…

Join now and get the first month for an incredible 50% off.

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Mega Sale at the DVD Store


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This is one of the best deals ever from the Titanmen DVD store. Mix and Match DVD collections, catch up with the movies you wanted to see and fill in the blanks in your back catalogue.

Getting a 50% OFF discount on our newest DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy sets is huge. I could make suggestions of my own favorite movies from the collection like Copperhead Canyon, Chainsaw, Impulse, Fixation, and of course Jury Duty. But I’m sure you’ll get a great set for yourself.

Then less than $8 for 12 DVDs from our classic titles. Again.. I can suggest a lot like Reserve Duty, Special Delivery, Farm Fresh, Countryside,  Surprise Package and a bunch of the Manplay titles (my favorites are Prowl 1 & 2 and Hardwork 22). But at that price… you can judge a few movies by their covers.

This sale lasts all weekend… Enjoy…



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Titanmen DVD MEGA-Deal of the Day


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OK, this is a pretty special one.

The 5-DVD box set of Fallen Angel 5: Horse for only $9.95.

Bruce Cam’s stunning and legendary final installment to his “Fallen Angel” series, HORSE boldly imagines a time and place that explodes with sex-crazed Pony Boys and the ferocious Masters who own them, where traditional roles are usurped and the hardest cock rules. Set in a post-apocalyptic, subterranean world, spanning four brilliant, start-to-finish hours of huge, rock-hard dicks and sweaty, hungry assholes, wild fetish, bondage, suspension, flogging, fisting, branding, and an especially intense scene with a stainless steel dildo, made HORSE the most talked-about movies of Bruce’s incredible career.

This is only until midnight Thursday. So go there now.

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Inmates Trailer with Allen Silver, Hunter Marx, Troy Daniels and more…


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Joe Gage does it again. Just recently Dario Beck took a trip to Alcatraz and joked about his favorite prison porn movies. Inmates wasn’t out yet but I’m pretty sure it would have been on the list.

Allen Silver is one of the hottest “daddies” in porn but putting him in the “older” category is a shame; Even fans who generally like the bigger and more muscular Titanmen like Spencer Reed or the twenty-something cocky, tattooed boys like Junior Stellano or even the beefy snuggle toys like Hunter Marx all agree that Allen is deserving of a place among the best Titanmen stars.

But yeah, that perfect blend of gentle Dad and intense sexual animal is part of what makes him boner-inducing. And having him featured in another Titanmen movie is just another chance to see him paired up with some of the hottest men in porn.

Inmates is now playing only on Titanmen VOD or on a special DVD/BluRay/Digital Copy pack at the Titanmen Store.

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Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular round-up of the inter-office emails jokes and random links that clog the inboxes at the Titanmen office.

TV’s almost-gay couples. Noteable exclusions are Luke and Bo Duke (they were cousins and lived in like… Mississippi or something… it was OK), Joey and Chandler (men that age don’t share bedrooms) and Norm and Cliff. We never actually saw “Vera” and Cliff’s mustache was a bit “70s Porn Star” even in the 80s. Besides, Norm was a great interior decorator and those big boys are GREAT cuddlers on those cold Boston nights.

•Wishmaster – The Misheard Lyrics.

Filthy Fetish Photography. OK, so it’s pretty tame by Titanmen standards but still pretty cool.

Water causes cock sucking, apparently. And here I thought it was Homo Milk.

Gay Kiss Photo Bomb. On Al Jazeera, too. I want the one on the left.

The HR Geiger bar at the HR Geiger Museum is all kinds of awesome. Although I’m going to suggest that you do NOT order a plate of hard boiled eggs. John Hurt did that once and he had a really bad day.

• Yes, you can make beer at home. And now that you can also order men online using the Manhunt mobile app, there is no reason for going to gay bars at all.

• Can you imagine the fetish gear that you could make with micro lattice gauze?

• With the Holiday season just around the corner and the economy sucking, here are some of the most awesome “Hard Times” gifts.

• The unexpected downside of the having the world’s largest penis.



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Allen Silver stars in “Inmates.”


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I only just got home and finally got the chance to spend a bit of “Quality Time” alone with my iPad watching the first scene from Joe Gage’s new movie “Inmates” which, aside from hunks like Troy Daniels and Devin Adams and a quick cameo from Hunter Marx and Leo Forte (more of them later)… it’s got my favorite daddy Allen Silver who seems to get hotter as time goes by.

Anything with Allen Silver in it is something that’s going to cause calluses on my palms. Scene one is already out on Titanmen now…


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Punched and Pounded.


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And since we’re talking about Spencer Reed, was he not hot as fuck in “Punched and Pounded?”

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Tattoos


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Spencer Reed showing us his ink work. Don’t have any tattoos myself yet but I love hearing about the stories behind people’s artwork. When something is going to be on you forever, you really have to be sure you want it there. You can see Spencer in action and see how those tattoos stretch here.

Trenton’s first movie isn’t out yet… look for him mid December in Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular list of the company wide group emails that have been circulating at the Titanmen office.

Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers would make an incredible fetish gear for a flogging scene. Can you imagine seeing THAT coming at you meaning business when you’re already bound to the St. Andrew’s Cross?

• Bad Surfers are Funny.

• On the off chance that you will have grandchildren. THIS is why you may want to self-edit before posting to Facebook.

• Last week we heard about Bacon Lube. Now, we learn about Bacon candy canes. Imagine where you could stick THOSE to give a sweet surprise to a fuck buddy.

• Francois Sagat gives us this week’s Sound Cloud hit.

RIP Andrea True. She not only started out as a porn star and became a pop star, she also inspired Madonna’s “Sorry” video with that… outfit.


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Trenton Ducati shops naked


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This weekend, Brian Mills wasn’t the only one having fun. New Titanmen exclusive man Trenton Ducati was in town shooting with Brad Kalvo in another scene for Hard Wired. But in some downtime, he ventured out to Arenas Road in downtown Palm Springs to Bear Wear where ho not only dropped his pants and shopped naked, he got this rather form-fitting vest.

Trenton’s first movie for Titan will be the up-coming “Incubus” coming out in December. But you can see get to know this Rockabilly Hunk on Twitter right now and you can follow his Facebook page to see what he’s up to.

You can also see him here being welcomed to the Titanmen family by Shay Michaels. Who welcomed him by thrusting his dick into Trenton’s eager mouth. You know… we have a different traditional way to welcome new employees here. They never did that for me when I worked at the bank.

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