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Titan man Dirk Caber recently sat down for an interview with Chicago’s Grab Magazine, known to many in the Gay Porn Fandom world as the entity that brings us the annual Grabby Awards.

Dirk’s unguarded and honest candor make the interview less of a “10 creepy questions to ask gay porn stars” that often mire chats with our favorite performers and more of an intimate and inspiring story of how he spent a good deal of his life overweight and unhappy with his body, reinventing himself at 30 and then going on to become one of the most beloved hardcore fetish performers.

He talks about his videos with Titan, especially the Titan Rough series. His appearance in those films have helped them become one of the most successful fetish series’ in gay porn history. And considering gay porn history, that’s saying a lot.

Click Here to see a video preview of Dirk with Alessio Romero in “Fist Deep” from the Titan Rough series.

My personal favorite scene with Dirk, however, isn’t from the Titan Rough series but from the Brian Mills feature “Sting” where he takes part in a Lava-Hot three way with hunter Marx and Shay Michaels. Click Here for a preview of that.

Talking about his slow exploration into the fetish world and how BDSM sex is something that “is” and lot different than it “looks.” He even compares being flogged to a “deep tissue massage.” Which any man in his right mind would LOVE to give Dirk.

Dirk mentions briefly being smitten with another (un-named) Titan man at this year’s Folsom booth. Considering the parade of incredible men there this year, it would be hard to guess which one. But if you want to ask him in person, you can meet him as he hosts this year’s Manhunt X Tour tomorrow when he hosts at The Sidekick in Chicago with fellow Titan men Hunter Marx and Ethan Hudson.

Watch the video after the jump to see if you can guess which Titan man caught his eye.

Click Here to see more of Dirk in Action in Joe Gage’s movie “Jury Duty.” 

Last modified: Nov 3, 2011

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