GayCities Top 6

Titanmen made GayCities’ list of the 6 studios that made San Francisco the Capital of Gay Porn. That half of our movies are shot in the glorious Palm Springs, I guess, didn’t really factor into their equation. We’re proud, either way, to have been named on the list.

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Game ON!

Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan and Harley Everett score the Three Way finale to “Game On” that starts with a game of “Strip Darts” (I really need to play more games that have “Strip” in the name) and the stunning Tattooed British hunk Harley Everett takes his prize as he pounds the other guys into submission.

Watch the full movie at Titanmen.

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The Triumphant Return of François Sagat

When I recently posted a few videos from this year’s Folsom Street Fetish Fair people got a glimpse of new Titan Exclusive Jesse Jackman (who already has a large and growing fan base before his first scene is released) but what created the most buzz and explosion of internet rumors was the appearance of legendary Titan performer.

Some said he was retired from porn and only appeared as one last goodbye (false).

Some said he was returning to performing and some said that he was coming back as a director. Now we know that the answer is “both.” It’s been a Titan secret for a few months now and a few performers have whispered about their involvement in the project that was code-named “Sagat” for a while now but no real information has come to light.

Today, Titan Men announced that in December, they plan to release Part 1 of “François Sagat’s Incubus” which, from the look of the tester trailer is just the kind of wild, crazy and surreal movie we could expect from the enigmatic and fascinating mind of Mr. Sagat. As far as “what is this movie about” goes, the trailer itself seems to give us more questions than answers. I caught a quick glimpse of what looks like Aymeic Deville and hunter Marx kissing, a picture of what appears to be Francois wrestling with himself underwater, a shadow of someone alone in the desert, Francois suspended in the air being forced to watch a video screen and what looks like a giant, scary-ass rabbit.

The lead-off trailer is R-rated but Titan promises an X-rated clip soon along with daily “Behind The Scenes” and “Making Of” clips which will be released to François’ revamped and relaunched blog at

Keep watching this space and Mr. Sagat’s blog for more info as we near the release.

If you want to see Francois in action now, Titan Men is having a Hallowe’en Special Sale where you can get a full year of their unlimited VOD Streaming site for $99. That’s almost 80% off. Click Here to get in on that deal, it’s not going to last more than a few days.

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Spencer and Alessio Flogging in Public

While at the Folsom Street Fair last month, Spencer Reed and Alessio Romero grabbed the spotlight when they hopped up on a make-shift stage next to our tent and started to demonstrate just what you’d see if you picked up a copy of their new movie “Full Fetish” or joined up at to see them in all their glory.

Click Here to watch the movie at Titanmen.

We’re an American… BANNED!!

 Usually, you’d think that a “BFF” would be a good thing. However when it stands for “Bound, Flogged and Fisted,” it goes over the line but won’t go over the border. At least the Canadian one.

It seems that the delicate sensibilities of our friends to the direct north were a bit… ruffled by two of our Titan Rough movies, directed by our favorite killer teddy bear Paul Wilde. Bound, Flogged and Fisted and the Tony Buff co-directed Fist and Piss have been banned by Canadian border guards and copies of the two DVDs are not allowed into the country that invented the Pace Maker.

To be fair, Canada usually does have very liberal laws. They’ve had nationally recognized gay marriage for years and they’ve had gay military personnel for decades. You can even say “fuck” on regular broadcast TV up there after 9PM since all the good Canadian children have been shooed off to bed at 8.

The movies in question are part of the growing “Titan Rough” series that features extreme BDSM play, Water Sports, Fisting, Gear Play, Sounding and just about any other activity that might raise the eyebrows of those with more… vanilla tastes.

Here at Titan, we love it all. Anything that encourages men to get dirty and piggy and partake in a little male bondage bonding.

(still the greatest song in movie history.)


But don’t worry, my maple syrup-loving, Moose-eating and log-jamming lumberjacks to the north… they can stop physical copies from crossing the border but BOTH of these titles are available for viewing online from Titan VOD .  So you’ll be able to enjoy the wholesome entertainment of Titan Rough all in the privacy of your own home. Or… Igloo if you’re from Nunavut.

Xbiz has posted the full list of banned titles here…  Although I’m never an advocate of censorship and believe in free expression… just as a favor, please nobody EVER send me a screener copy of “The Texas Vibrator Massacre.”


Check out the gallery of stills from both of these movies after the jump.

If you think you can handle it…

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Game On – Scene 1

When an outdoor game of ping pong loses its ball, toned Dario Beck and tanned stallion Marco Wilson quickly find another way to play. Marco moves in for a kiss before licking Dario’s chest, then slides down to the thick and juicy dick bursting out of Dario’s jeans. Marco deep throats his bud, who returns the favor as Marco’s giant pecs, biceps and cock tower over him. Marco whips his dick on Dario’s face before sitting on his tongue, moaning “Aww fuck!” as his huge boner bounces. Dario strokes as he eats, the two soon squirting — including an impressive no-hands gusher from Dario. On his back, Dario gets his ass eaten and fucked by Marco — whose entire muscle bod clenches as he goes deep. Dario gets it doggie style before sitting down on Marco, the bottom’s steel shaft bobbing back and forth as he rides before two more loads coat him.


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Dirk Caber gets GRABBED!

Titan man Dirk Caber recently sat down for an interview with Chicago’s Grab Magazine, known to many in the Gay Porn Fandom world as the entity that brings us the annual Grabby Awards.

Dirk’s unguarded and honest candor make the interview less of a “10 creepy questions to ask gay porn stars” that often mire chats with our favorite performers and more of an intimate and inspiring story of how he spent a good deal of his life overweight and unhappy with his body, reinventing himself at 30 and then going on to become one of the most beloved hardcore fetish performers.

He talks about his videos with Titan, especially the Titan Rough series. His appearance in those films have helped them become one of the most successful fetish series’ in gay porn history. And considering gay porn history, that’s saying a lot.

Click Here to see a video preview of Dirk with Alessio Romero in “Fist Deep” from the Titan Rough series.

My personal favorite scene with Dirk, however, isn’t from the Titan Rough series but from the Brian Mills feature “Sting” where he takes part in a Lava-Hot three way with hunter Marx and Shay Michaels. Click Here for a preview of that.

Talking about his slow exploration into the fetish world and how BDSM sex is something that “is” and lot different than it “looks.” He even compares being flogged to a “deep tissue massage.” Which any man in his right mind would LOVE to give Dirk.

Dirk mentions briefly being smitten with another (un-named) Titan man at this year’s Folsom booth. Considering the parade of incredible men there this year, it would be hard to guess which one. But if you want to ask him in person, you can meet him as he hosts this year’s Manhunt X Tour tomorrow when he hosts at The Sidekick in Chicago with fellow Titan men Hunter Marx and Ethan Hudson.

Watch the video after the jump to see if you can guess which Titan man caught his eye. Read more

François Sagat: have you ever had sex with a famous person?

He’s being tight-lipped about it but it doesn’t mean we can’t all try to guess. Anyone want to speculate as to which lucky star got to spend some personal time with our favorite craneally-tattooed Frenchman?

Jesse and Alessio… together?

Posted recently to Jesse Jackman’s Facebook page… Seems the two hunks randomly met up at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood. Considering the star power and the clientele you’d expect at a Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, I’m willing to bet that most of the guys working out took one look at the two together and had to excuse themselves to go jerk off in the shower.

Or maybe just encouraged them to get it on right there. Hey, in Hollywood, anything goes, right? And don’t about 34% of all porn movies start with two studs like that randomly meeting at a gym, store, laundry mat, Dr.’s office or bank line anyway?

Game On Scene 2

Finally out on Titan VOD… the second scene from Game On, this one with the incredible Aymeric Deville and Lawson Kayne.

A cheating hand has Aymeric winning the round, sending muscular Lawson’s briefs to the floor as his thick beast of a dick bounces to the ceiling. The two kiss before Aymeric falls to his knees, wrapping his lips around the banana-arched cock. Lawson gets face-fucked by his uncut bud, the two coming before Aymeric offers his smooth jock hole — which Lawson laps up before plowing. Aymeric shows off his cock as he continues to get fucked on his back, Lawson placing his hand on the bottom’s huge pec. Aymeric then gets it over the table, aerial shots looking down on the sweaty action as Lawson’s balls slam against the bottom’s ass.

Check it out at TitanMen.

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Welcome to TitanMen, Trenton Ducati

We sit down and have a short chat with our newest TitanMen Exclusive man Trenton Ducati. He’s funny and handsome and has ridden lots of bulls.

No, the real kind.

But… well, that too.

You’ll see him in action soon, but here’s your first look.

Name That Butt

See if you can guess which ass belongs to which Titan man. Shot at the Folsom Street Fair.